The Secrets Revealed: Getting Picky Kids to Eat Healthy Meals!
One mom discovers the three simple tricks 
for winning mealtime battles
No more pleading, bribery, or making separate dinners

“I’m so sick of making grilled cheese”

“She doesn’t eat at mealtime, and wants to snack all day”

“It’s frustrated when he only wants junk food”

“I wish I could get them to eat more variety”
It’s like a never-ending game of food Russian roulette. Never knowing if what you put on their plates will delight and be devoured or get tossed on the floor with a puddle tears. 

That simple thing called mealtime makes you coo coo. And sometimes it’s just easier to give in to the demands than fight your stubborn child every single day…even though you don’t want it to be the norm.
Maybe it feels like you can’t win.
It’s either….

-Feeling guilty they aren’t eating anything nutritious

-Or feeling guilty laying down the hammer or losing your cool
This was a part of motherhood you didn't expect to deal with.
but I didn't at first...
I Assumed I Was a Master At Raising Healthy Eaters.
I did all the things right with my first…

-introduced the veggies
-made everything homemade
-gave a variety of flavors and textures 

People in public stared in awe when they saw him chow down on sauerkraut, broccoli, salmon, and sautéed spinach.

And right before I started getting really cocky about how well I’d done as a mom, my second child entered the picture and refused EVERYTHING. 
For almost two years I wanted to pull my hair out during every single meal.
Sprinkle in tantrums, food-throwing, refusal, and gagging - I would yo-yo between frustrated attempts to feed him myself or throw my hands up and give in to what he wanted just so he’d eat SOMETHING. 

I felt worried about his nutrition, but to be honest, more worried about food battles being our new norm. I always pictured us enjoying dinnertime, not dreading it. 

The bribing and ‘one more bite’ rule and hard-knocks refusal to give in sucked out all of my energy. I had nothing left in the tank after bath and bedtime and felt like my husband was more of a roommate to help me divide and conquer.
It’s so much more than the food on their plates.
Preschool lunches didn’t help my cause - pizza and chicken nuggets and animal crackers meant I was ‘that mom’ trying to rally the reluctant troops to choose carrots over potato chips.

Yeah…that works…

Laying in bed at night made me feel even worse. I’d replay the frustrated yelling spats during dinner and feel bad I wasn’t more calm with them. Or I’d picture the defeats when I caved and threw together peanut butter and jelly even after dinner was made.

Motherhood had to be more enjoyable than this.
It wasn’t until I had two lightbulb moments that changed EVERYTHING.
And they came from the recipes I was testing for my food blog, Physical Kitchness. 

I was right in the middle of creating a few healthy, gluten free/dairy free recipes to post when I came up with the idea to use one simple ingredient to make traditional sloppy joe’s healthier, and even better than the original recipe. 

To my shock, the kids ate every single bite that night. 

Another recipe I created was a simple baked chicken tender recipe with a perfectly seasoned, crunchy outer layer just like classic restaurant chicken strips.
The kids loved those too. 

Then another recipe with pineapple combined with ground chicken for burgers. A muffin recipe packed with veggies they couldn’t detect, meatballs they gobbled up because I made just one small tweak.

Yet again, the kids were fans. 
it dawned on me - there were three very basic things I was doing.

Dare I say the secrets to getting picky eaters on board with healthy meals. Things like…
  •  Sweetening traditional dinner recipes a bit using natural fruit
  •  Reinventing classic junk food with better ingredients that taste just as good
  •  Adding more kid-friendly 'finger food' to the rotation
  •  Plus a balance of hiding veggies AND presenting them in a way that got my kids comfortable seeing them on their plates over and over
Soon, cooking healthy meals my kids loved became second-nature. And we could focus on things like teaching them table manners or conversing as a family, rather than bribing, begging, stubborn negotiations, and waving the white flag parental defeat. 

I thought, “this is the way things are supposed to be”. 

My kids loved what I put on their plates, and I loved not feeling like a stressed out, crazy lady. 
In fact, I barely remember the battles anymore. It’s like we have a completely transformed family dynamic, just because we have fun and peaceful mealtimes. It’s changed our entire lives. 

And now it’s my mission to change thousands of other families too. 

That’s why I created 
The Picky Eater Blueprint
50 healthy meals for the entire family to enjoy
50+ Make-Ahead Breakfasts & Kid-Friendly Dinners To Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy
The Picky Eater Blueprint is the answer to nutritious and delicious eats that end mealtime stressors once and for all.

Ready for a Change?
If you have a short fuse every dinner, knowing it’s going to be a battle and you simply don’t have the patience to deal anymore…

Feel defeated when you’re trying to get your family on board to eat better and your hard work making healthy meals fails, over and over…

Want to snap when your kids never even attempt to try something new, and when they do they gag…

Or would do anything to teach you kids how to eat better and don’t always have to sneak veggies or hide them all the time
  •  The freedom you'll feel having a stockpile of make ahead breakfasts or quick morning recipes that you can make in minutes that are packed with nutrients to start the day right and keep belly happy and full
  •  Not having to take on extra work making separate meals for your kids so you can have more time enjoying dinner, not slaving away in the kitchen
  •  Raising adventurous eaters who willingly consume veggies so you can feel good about the foundation of healthy eating you're setting
  •  Making family memories during dinnertime and actually have meaningful conversations instead of whining and negotiations
If you your kids love things like
  •  Pizza
  •  Chicken Nuggets
  •  Muffins
  •  Hot Pockets
  •  Sloppy Joes
  •  Noodles
  •  Tacos
  •  Finger Foods
Then you’ll have plenty of options in The Picky Eater Blueprint. 
I’ve taken traditional children ‘junk’ food, and created healthier versions you’ll feel good about serving
But Wait...
There’s also a massive variety of unique recipes to encourage adventurous eating, specifically created for kids’ taste buds in mind. New meals with tried-and-true kid-friendly favorites like avocado sweet potato poppers, pizza quinoa casserole, popcorn shrimp, lemon chicken drummies, chocolate zucchini overnight oats, blueberry turkey meatballs, citrus smoothie bowl, and more!

The Picky Eater Blueprint is packed with recipes tips & mealtime tricks to help encourage your kids to try new foods and expand their taste preferences

And all recipes are gluten free and dairy free (or dairy optional). Eliminating many culprit foods often associated with inflammatory conditions linked to attention disorders, eczema, and blood sugar fluctuations that can affect large swings in behavior.
Purchase The Picky Eater Blueprint today and you’ll get:
  •  Over 50 recipes recipes focused on balanced nutrition that kids will actually eat so you can feel a sense of relief always having a go-to guide for meal
  •  A collection of made-in-minutes and make-ahead breakfasts packed with healthy food fuel to power your kids through the morning
  •  Dinner recipes the entire family will love, so you can stop making separate meals or eating the same thing over and over again
  •  An organized system for choosing meals that fit into YOUR time constraints. No more frantically trying to put together a Pinterest recipe in 20 minutes that actually takes an hour. Kiss long weekend meal prepping goodbye.
  •  A system proven to eliminate food waste and more money back on your pocket. But more importantly, a guide to show you how to pack veggies in almost any meal, using what you have on hand already. Want to figure out how you can incorporate more spinach or cauliflower? no problem!
PLUS. . .
  •  Gluten free & dairy free meals with tons of allergy-friendly options for families that want to eat cleaner, or who desperately need recipes to keep their children healthy and safe. 
  •  A variety of sauce and dip recipes to have in your back pocket. Adding special dips and yummy spaces can help encourage more adventurous eating, giving your kids the option to customize, dip, and ‘play’ as they eat. 
Feel like mom of the year, knowing you’re providing nutritious eats for them, and eliminating a whole lotta stress for you! 

Because setting the foundation for healthy eating is a learned skill that will last a lifetime. 

But it can be hard laying the groundwork and trying to figure it all out on your own (and raise little people, and do the laundry, and drive to all the activities, and keep life somewhat organized).
The Picky Eater Blueprint Does It All For You
So you can stop worrying all the time about what their eating and start enjoying mealtime as a family (and look back one day with fond memories)

So you can stop the frenzy of meal planning and start truly having peace of mind to enjoy the little things in life (like their sweet giggles at the table)

So you can stop feeling mom guilt for losing your cool during dinner and start being the fun, calm mom you want to be (an even better version Mary Poppins)

So you can stop throwing a pre-packed cereal bar at them during busy mornings when you’re trying to get out the door and start throwing down breakfasts you feel good about 
(without taking more than 5 minutes)
Ah, doesn’t that sound nice?!
Purchase the Picky Eater Blueprint today and you’ll also get this FREE bonus
Healthy, 5-Minute Treats
Life isn’t as fun without dessert! 

Healthy desserts can be just as yummy (and even easier) than traditional sugar-loaded treats
Sorbet, brownies, pudding, frosting, and bite-sized sweet snacks can all be made in just minutes, using simple, healthy ingredients. Your kids (heck, maybe even you) will love these desserts made clean ingredients like:
  •  Strawberries
  • Sweet Potato
  •  Blueberries
  •  Avocado
  •  Peaches
Get The Picky Eater Blueprint + Healthy 5-Minute Treat bonus now
The Picky Eater Blueprint is the first digital recipe guide of it’s kind that…
  • Offers over 25 breakfast recipes you can make ahead of time, or can whip up in just minutes, so you can kiss crazy hectic mornings goodbye 
  • Includes 25 dinner recipes specifically created for kids’ palettes, excluding many common inflammatory-causing foods, refined sugar, or extra ‘junk’
  •  Organizes every meal based on the healthy superfoods included and time it takes to make from start to finish. Have broccoli, carrots, and apples in your fridge and only 30 minutes to cook? The Picky Eater Blueprint makes it easy to make meals based on YOUR time constraints and YOUR pantry and refrigerator inventory

A. All recipes in the Picky Eater Blueprint at gluten-free, and all (except for one) are dairy free. There are 35 total recipes that are nut free and 27 are eggless

A. Recipes in the Picky Eater Blueprint are very simple, and all ingredients can be found at most grocery stores (and places like Target and Walmart). There are no speciality ingredients in these recipes which means you don’t have to blow your grocery budget! 

A. The Picky Eater Blueprint has a wide variety of food groups, so there’s sure to be a big range of meals your kids will love. But meals are also totally customizable - so feel free to omit certain veggies. Many meals have vegetables hidden in the recipe, while others make it more obvious so you can progress as kids become more adventurous.

A. The Picky Eater Blueprint is a digital guide which will be available to access immediately upon purchase, and also delivered directly to your inbox. You will life lifetime access to view and rights to print the guide if desired.

A. Meals that are EASY to make for even the most novice cook, and meals the entire family will love (not just kids). Many meals can be made and reheated all week for leftovers too. 

The Picky Eater Blueprint has dinners like:

Ranch Ground Turkey “Hamburger Helper”, Breaded Baked Chicken Tenders, Pineapple Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry, Pizza Tots, Balsamic Blueberry Sage Turkey Meatballs, Sloppy Joe Bowls, Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork, Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Bites, Classic Chicken Noodle Soup, Mexican Meatloaf Cups, Easy Orange Chicken, Salsa Chicken Taquitos, Baked Popcorn Shrimp, Chicken Sweet Potato Chili, Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with Green Beans, and so much more!

Breakfasts like:

Applesauce Egg Cups, Citrus Smoothie Bowl, Chocolate Almond Butter Chia Pudding, Egg and Protein Roll Ups, Banana Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars, Ham and Spinach Microwave Egg Bake, Apple Pie Granola, Overnight Chocolate Raspberry Zucchini Oatmeal, Banana Spinach ‘Hulk” Muffins, Sweet Potato Blueberry Breakfast Bars, and so much more!
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